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Tips on how to Deploy a Metrics Server in Kubernetes

If you need to deploy a Metrics Server in Kubernetes, then you definitely first must create a namespace for it to stay it, adopted by putting in the precise metrics server.

Step 1 – Set up the Metrics Server

Utilizing kubectl

kubectl apply -f

Utilizing helm

kubectl create namespace metrics

helm set up metrics-server 
    --version 2.9.0 
    --namepsace metrics

Step 2 – Get the Metrics Server Standing

In case you used kubectl above, then you must be capable to run:

kubectl get apiservice -o json | jq '.standing'

In any other case with helm, run:

kubectl describe hpa

Step 3 – Verifying the Metrics Server Setup

In case you get the next output, then it simply means the server will not be prepared but, wait a second longer:

  "situations": [
      "lastTransitionTime": "2022-04-13T13:26:45Z",
      "message": "endpoints for service/metrics-server in "kube-system" have no addresses with port name "https"",
      "reason": "MissingEndpoints",
      "status": "False",
      "type": "Available"

When the Metrics Server is prepared, you’re going to get a response as follows:

  "situations": [
      "lastTransitionTime": "2022-04-13T13:27:08Z",
      "message": "all checks passed",
      "reason": "Passed",
      "status": "True",
      "type": "Available"

Step 4 – A tip to be alerted when prepared

You’ll be able to at all times watch the above command as an alternative of working the identical command again and again above, whereas ready for the server to turn into accessible:

watch -n1 "kubectl get apiservice -o json | jq '.standing'"


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