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Hybrid Inverter Vs. Off-Grid Inverter (Which Is Finest?)

Hybrid inverter vs. off-grid inverter — which is finest?

Effectively, the reply entails a number of elements:

  • Your wants
  • The price of every inverter sort
  • Whether or not the inverter is suitable along with your system

However there are in all probability many extra questions whirring by means of your thoughts, so it’s time to energy up these mind cells and see which one might be just right for you!


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What Is A Hybrid Inverter?

A hybrid inverter is an all-in-one resolution that generates energy in the identical method as a regular photo voltaic inverter. Nevertheless, it has further fitted battery connections to retailer power for later use. Furthermore, hybrid inverters can feed again into the facility utility grid.

How a hybrid inverter features inside a photo voltaic system.
Supply: MUST hybrid inverters

What Is An Off-Grid Inverter?

An off-grid inverter will draw energy from a charged battery, convert the facility from DC to AC, and output it right into a family. It’s primarily just like a hybrid inverter, with one main distinction: it can’t suggestions energy into the utility grid.  

A diagram depicting how an off-grid inverter matches right into a extra intensive photo voltaic system.
Supply: JsdSolar

Hybrid Inverter Vs. Off-Grid Inverter

A number of elements decide the inverter finest suited to your wants. These embrace the connection with the utility grid, inverter sizes, price, and battery compatibility.

Moreover, it’s very important to contemplate the benefits and drawbacks of every inverter. (We are going to deal with these later)

Facet Hybrid Inverter Off-Grid Inverter
Relationship with the utility grid Linked to grid and photo voltaic
Draw and suggestions into the grid.
Linked to a backup supply (generator or grid)
Can solely draw energy from the grid.
Inverter measurement Should match most summer season demand. Should match 1.2 instances most summer season demand.
Inverter price $1500-$8000 $1500-$6000
Battery compatibility The inverter can accomodate all varieties of photo voltaic batteries.

Suitable with a broader vary of voltages and fewer restriction of inverter alternative.

The inverter is suitable with all varieties of batteries.

Inverter energy from 1kW to 2kW works with 12V batteries, 2kW to 4kW with 24V batteries, above 4kW 48V batteries

Relationship With The Utility Grid

A hybrid inverter connects to the utility grid and a photo voltaic system battery pack. It could feed from each techniques and ship energy again into the utility grid when there’s a surplus.

In distinction, an off-grid inverter doesn’t feed again energy into the utility grid; however can nonetheless be related to an exterior AC backup supply comparable to a generator or the utility grid.

Inverter Dimension

Appropriate inverter sizing is crucial for a profitable powering expertise.

That is very true for off-grid inverters as their aim is to reduce using a backup energy supply.

Inverter measurement depends upon seven elements matching most demand and inverter capabilities. These embrace:

Issue Description
Most energy fee That is the quantity of DC and AC energy the product can work with.
DC to AC ratio The measure of nominal energy and the family output.
Enter voltage DC voltage delivered by the photo voltaic panels to the inverter
Output voltage AC Voltage output delivered by the inverter to the home
Working frequency The frequency matched to the nominal frequency of what must be powered or the utility grid to which it connects.
Surge energy output The quantity of energy that an inverter can deal with throughout a surge. Normally, two instances the rated energy
Cost ranking The power of the inverter to allow the battery to finish a full cost cycle.
Desk explaining seven elements influencing the sizing of an inverter.

Nevertheless, the temperature is one other main issue you could think about with off-grid techniques.

In hotter environments, the dimensions of your inverter must be round 1,2x that of the best demand. It is because increased temperatures negatively have an effect on inverter output.

The next desk illustrates a situation whereby a 6kW inverter at 77°F/25°C solely outputs 4.8kW at 104°F/40°C.

The effect of ambient temperatures on inverter output when considering a hybrid inverter vs. off-grid inverter.
The impact of ambient temperatures on inverter output when contemplating a hybrid inverter vs. off-grid inverter.
Supply: Victron Power

So you possibly can count on an off-grid inverter to be greater than that of a hybrid system.

Inverter Price

  • Hybrid Inverters: can set you again anyplace from $1,500 (small capability inverters) to $8,000 (bigger capability inverters).
  • Off-Grid Inverters: an off-grid inverter will price roughly $1,500 (2.5kW) to $8,000 (15kW).

Battery Compatibility

Communications Compatibility

Within the earlier days of photo voltaic techniques, most inverters had been designed to work with lead-acid battery sorts.

Lead-acid batteries still used in off-grid solar power setups — hybrid inverter vs. off-grid inverter.
Lead-acid batteries nonetheless utilized in off-grid solar energy setups.
Supply: Clear Power Evaluations

Many lithium-ion battery techniques have particular administration items which require inverters that match these communications. Don’t have any worries, that is now the case for all new inverters each hybrid and off-grid.

Battery Voltage Compatibility

Each hybrid and off-grid inverters work with a selected nominal DC battery voltage.

Inverters typically use 48-volt lithium batteries. Often although, small-capacity inverters (from 1kW to 3kW) can solely use 12-volt or 24-volt techniques.

This a main issue to have a look at earlier than shopping for your batteries, the rated voltage ought to match the inverter voltage.

Hybrid Inverter Vs. Off-Grid Inverter: Benefits And Disadvantages

Hybrid Inverters Off-Grid Inverters
Benefits Can draw energy from the grid to satisfy demand
Programmable for various modes
Suggestions into grid
Pre-wired and person pleasant
Settle for energy backup
Disadvantages Pricey
Can’t be upgraded
Can’t suggestions into the grid

Hybrid Inverter: Benefits

The first advantage of a hybrid inverter is its capability to attract energy from the utility grid when photo voltaic power doesn’t match power demand, making it constant and dependable.

Within the reverse situation, a hybrid inverter can feed surplus photo voltaic power again into the utility grid, which frequently comes with the bonus of inexperienced power tax rebates or breaks.

Moreover, hybrid inverters have varied programmable modes. They’ll:

  • Act as a regular photo voltaic inverter. 
  • In backup mode, they’ll routinely use saved solar energy when the utility grid cuts out.

Lastly, in some cases, hybrid inverters embrace cloud synced monitoring features, cost management, and inverter functionalities into one unit at a lower cost than off-grid inverters.

Off-Grid Inverter: Benefits

A serious plus of off-grid inverters is how less expensive they’re in comparison with hybrid inverters. Furthermore, they are often simply put in inside an existent photo voltaic system.

They guarantee steady energy provide even when the batteries are empty because of their backup connection.

Hybrid Inverter: Disadvantages

You will want to utterly rework your system when including a hybrid inverter right into a photo voltaic system; this can be heavy in your pocket!

Moreover, preliminary set up prices are exceptionally excessive in comparison with off-grid inverters.

Off-Grid Inverter: Disadvantages

Probably the most vital drawback of an off-grid inverter in a photo voltaic system is its incapacity to suggestions energy into the utility grid.

You would possibly end up in a scenario through which your photo voltaic manufacturing exceeds your wants and in case your batteries are full, you’ll find yourself losing this further energy.

A Growatt off-grid photo voltaic inverter.
Supply: Growatt

Hybrid Inverter Vs. Off-Grid Inverter: Which Is Finest For You?

Your System Calls for

For those who want extra energy than your off-grid system can provide, you need to strongly think about upgrading to a hybrid system that pulls from the grid when obligatory and may feed into the grid in surplus conditions.

Selecting an off-grid inverter ought to solely be when there isn’t a grid connection obtainable. In that case your demand can be met by the off-grid photo voltaic system finally assisted by a backup generator or some other exterior energy supply.

Inverter Battery Compatibility

Communication Compatibility

Lithium batteries, the only option for a photo voltaic battery, require particular communication capabilities for his or her BMS to function.

Each varieties of inverters are actually suitable with the newest lithium batteries and the older lead acid batteries (AGM and Gel sort).

Voltage Compatibility

Hybrid and off-grid inverters each combine a DC battery charger and a DC to AC inverter. They’re designed to work at a particular DC voltage (12V, 24V or 48V) and the photo voltaic battery ought to completely match this nominal voltage.

There’s a direct relationship between the operational DC voltage of an inverter and its most energy output as depicted within the chart beneath:

Inverter DC voltage – Photo voltaic battery voltage Max. Output energy
12V 1.2kW
24V 3.5kW
48V 6kW

This relationship is principally because of the max. Amps an inverter can deal with.

For instance, an influence output of 6kW with a 12V inverter requires a present of 500 Amps! (12V x 500Amps= 6kW) which is extraordinarily harmful and would require outsized wires.

Within the meantime, the identical energy output with a 48V inverter attracts solely 125Amps, this may very well be safely dealt with by the inverter.

Associated Studying: The Solely Inverter Dimension Chart You Will Ever Want!

Hybrid Inverter Vs. Off-Grid Inverter: Which Is Cheaper?

Hybrid inverters can both be small or giant; this works out cheaper, with the typical inverter costing you between $1,500 – $8,000.

The added plus relating to hybrid inverters is the potential for gaining tax breaks or rebates when they’re used to feed surplus power into the grid.

Off-grid inverters should be 1.2 instances the utmost energy demand measurement in off-grid techniques. Thus, these inverters can be considerably bigger, and also you do not need the added benefit of utilizing your surplus power as a grid feeder for inexperienced power tax rebates.

Picture exhibiting an instance of the place inverters have been professionally put in.

System Issues

Set up prices for hybrid and off-grid inverters don’t differ a lot, with a 10kW inverter costing roughly $2800 for set up.

In saying that, firms typically present set up and upkeep packages when buying an inverter; this might prevent in the long term!

The larger buck biter right here is upgrading. To improve a system from off-grid to hybrid would require restructuring to permit for a hybrid inverter and bi-directional utility connection — costing lots of of 1000’s!

Upgrading an off-grid system and inverter can also be fairly pricy as you’ll must ramp up a couple of element in your energy system (such because the battery voltage).

The selection finally stays yours, with various prices for varied extras in a system.

Here’s a brief video explaining a bit of extra about one of many hybrid inverters on the market!

Closing Ideas

All issues thought of, a hybrid inverter gives extra flexibility in measurement alternative and price. A bonus is that this technique can have you ever feeding surplus power into the grid and pay again your earlier prices!

Off-grid inverters are heavier on the pocket as you don’t profit from federal tax rebates. Nevertheless, that is the best inverter if you recognize your necessities and need to stay independently from the grid.

The underside line: selecting between a hybrid inverter vs. off-grid inverter depends upon your wants.

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