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Decreasing automotive gas consumption with an Arduino

Decreasing automotive gas consumption with an Arduino

Arduino StaffAugust 4th, 2022

Each automobile offered in the previous couple of many years is supplied with an engine management unit, or ECU for brief. Its job is to regulate practically each facet concerning the automobile’s efficiency by studying numerous sensors and performing upon these inputs accordingly. Nevertheless, some older rides aren’t practically as performant as they may very well be, which is why YouTuber Robotic Cantina needed to modify their 1997 Saturn coupe for higher gas effectivity.

To perform this aim, Robotic Cantina created a lean burn system that works by making the ECU assume the engine is burning extra gas than the precise quantity, thus lowering gas consumption. They took an inexpensive air/gas combination sensor and related its enter to the engine’s manifold. On account of the way it outputs a wideband, linear voltage, the sign needed to be transformed with an Arduino Uno right into a slender, decrease voltage vary by way of a lookup desk.

Detecting an idling or low-burn state is achieved with the assistance of a potentiometer and an air stress sensor. The potentiometer lets the driving force dial in a selected offset to tune when the lean burn ought to start, and an extra one is used for altering how a lot gas is launched on this state. Lastly, a digital-to-analog converter takes the ensuing quantized gas stage and sends it to the ECU.

Though the aim of the challenge was to enhance gas effectivity, the top consequence was truly the alternative, a lot to the dismay of Robotic Cantina. You possibly can watch their full video under for extra details about how the lean burn system was constructed.

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