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Avoiding the Hidden Hazards: Navigating Non-Apparent Pitfalls in ML on iOS

Do you want ML?

Machine studying is great at recognizing patterns. In case you handle to gather a clear dataset on your process, it’s normally solely a matter of time earlier than you’re capable of construct an ML mannequin with superhuman efficiency. That is very true in basic duties like classification, regression, and anomaly detection.

When you find yourself prepared to resolve a few of your small business issues with ML, you need to take into account the place your ML fashions will run. For some, it is smart to run a server infrastructure. This has the advantage of protecting your ML fashions personal, so it’s more durable for opponents to catch up. On high of that, servers can run a greater variety of fashions. For instance, GPT fashions (made well-known with ChatGPT) at present require trendy GPUs, so shopper units are out of the query. However, sustaining your infrastructure is sort of pricey, and if a shopper gadget can run your mannequin, why pay extra? Moreover, there may be privateness issues the place you can’t ship consumer information to a distant server for processing.

Nonetheless, let’s assume it is smart to make use of your clients’ iOS units to run an ML mannequin. What may go fallacious?

Platform limitations

Reminiscence limits

iOS units have far much less out there video reminiscence than their desktop counterparts. For instance, the latest Nvidia RTX 4080 Ti has 20 GB of accessible reminiscence. iPhones, however, have video reminiscence shared with the remainder of the RAM in what they name “unified reminiscence.” For reference, the iPhone 14 Professional has 6 GB of RAM. Furthermore, if you happen to allocate greater than half the reminiscence, iOS could be very more likely to kill the app to verify the working system stays responsive. This implies you may solely rely on having 2-3 GB of accessible reminiscence for neural community inference.

Researchers sometimes practice their fashions to optimize accuracy over reminiscence utilization. Nonetheless, there’s additionally analysis out there on methods to optimize for velocity and reminiscence footprint, so you may both search for much less demanding fashions or practice one your self.

Community layers (operations) assist

Most ML and neural networks come from well-known deep studying frameworks and are then transformed to CoreML fashions with Core ML Instruments. CoreML is an inference engine written by Apple that may run varied fashions on Apple units. The layers are well-optimized for the {hardware} and the listing of supported layers is sort of lengthy, so this is a wonderful start line. Nonetheless, different choices like Tensorflow Lite are additionally out there.

One of the best ways to see what’s attainable with CoreML is to have a look at some already transformed fashions utilizing viewers like Netron. Apple lists among the formally supported fashions, however there are community-driven mannequin zoos as properly. The complete listing of supported operations is continually altering, so Core ML Instruments supply code could be useful as a place to begin. For instance, if you happen to want to convert a PyTorch mannequin you may attempt to discover the mandatory layer right here.

Moreover, sure new architectures might comprise hand-written CUDA code for among the layers. In such conditions, you can’t anticipate CoreML to supply a pre-defined layer. Nonetheless, you may present your personal implementation if in case you have a talented engineer conversant in writing GPU code.

Total, the very best recommendation right here is to strive changing your mannequin to CoreML early, even earlier than coaching it. When you have a mannequin that wasn’t transformed immediately, it’s attainable to switch the neural community definition in your DL framework or Core ML Instruments converter supply code to generate a legitimate CoreML mannequin with out the necessity to write a customized layer for CoreML inference.


Inference engine bugs

There isn’t any technique to check each attainable mixture of layers, so the inference engine will all the time have some bugs. For instance, it’s widespread to see dilated convolutions use means an excessive amount of reminiscence with CoreML, seemingly indicating a badly written implementation with a big kernel padded with zeros. One other widespread bug is wrong mannequin output for some mannequin architectures.

On this case, the order of operations might consider. It’s attainable to get incorrect outcomes relying on whether or not activation with convolution or the residual connection comes first. The one actual technique to assure that all the pieces is working correctly is to take your mannequin, run it on the supposed gadget and evaluate the outcome with a desktop model. For this check, it’s useful to have a minimum of a semi-trained mannequin out there, in any other case, the numeric error can accumulate for badly randomly initialized fashions. Despite the fact that the ultimate skilled mannequin will work advantageous, the outcomes could be fairly totally different between the gadget and the desktop for a randomly initialized mannequin.

Precision loss

iPhone makes use of half-precision accuracy extensively for inference. Whereas some fashions shouldn’t have any noticeable accuracy degradation as a consequence of fewer bits in floating level illustration, different fashions might undergo. You may approximate the precision loss by evaluating your mannequin on the desktop with half-precision and computing a check metric on your mannequin. A fair higher technique is to run it on an precise gadget to seek out out if the mannequin is as correct as supposed.


Totally different iPhone fashions have assorted {hardware} capabilities. The newest ones have improved Neural Engine processing models that may elevate the general efficiency considerably. They’re optimized for sure operations, and CoreML is ready to intelligently distribute work between CPU, GPU, and Neural Engine. Apple GPUs have additionally improved over time, so it’s regular to see fluctuating performances throughout totally different iPhone fashions. It’s a good suggestion to check your fashions on minimally supported units to make sure most compatibility and acceptable efficiency for older units.

It’s additionally value mentioning that CoreML can optimize away among the intermediate layers and computations in-place, which might drastically enhance efficiency. One other issue to contemplate is that generally, a mannequin that performs worse on a desktop may very well do inference sooner on iOS. This implies it’s worthwhile to spend a while experimenting with totally different architectures.

For much more optimization, Xcode has a pleasant Devices software with a template only for CoreML fashions that may give a extra thorough perception into what’s slowing down your mannequin inference.


No one can foresee all the attainable pitfalls when growing ML fashions for iOS. Nonetheless, there are some errors that may be averted if what to search for. Begin changing, validating, and profiling your ML fashions early to guarantee that your mannequin will work accurately and match your small business necessities, and comply with the guidelines outlined above to make sure success as rapidly as attainable.



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